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George Weston Recital Hall A glorious hall with stunning accoustics, located at the Toronto Centre for the Arts in northern Toronto, Ontario
Jessica Lloyd, Mezzo Mezzo-soprano Jessica Lloyd hails from the town of Simcoe in southwestern Ontario
Marion Newman, Mezzo Native Canadian mezzo-soprano Marion Newman has quickly established herself as a jewel in Canada's impressive performing arts crown
Nathaniel Dett Chorale Jazz, spirituals, contemporary and gospel; this chorale executes it all with the greatest of ease
Royal Opera Canada A not-for-profit opera company located in Toronto, Ontario, focusing on traditional sets, costumes and staging of the most well-loved operas; conducted by maestro Dwight Bennett
Seattle Choral Company The Seattle Choral Company is the Pacific Northwest's leading
symphonic chorus, presenting diverse and engaging choral experiences for their audiences
Seattle Opera Founded in 1963, Seattle Opera has developed into one of the leading opera companies in the United States. The company is recognized internationally for its theatrically compelling and musically accomplished performances.
Toronto Mendelssohn Choir Canada's largest vocal ensemble, chorus-in-residence at Roy Thompson Hall, Toronto, Ontario
Toronto Operetta Theatre Toronto Operetta Theatre is Canada's premier professional operetta company, whose mandate it is to produce classical operetta, light opera and music theatre featuring professional Canadian artists of exceptional talent
Toronto Philharmonia Dynamic orchestra led by maestro Kerry Stratton; orchestra-in-residence at the Toronto Centre for the Arts, Toronto, Ontario

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LiveJournal Free online journal; keepers of Charles' weblog
SETI@home A scientific experiment that uses Internet-connected computers in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI)

... of Special Interest—to Charles

Anime Web Turnpike The largest organized collection of anime and manga related links anywhere on the Internet
Bowl.com All things bowling; tournaments, coaching, stats, supplies ... you name it
Cockeyed Ghost One of the moving forces in the loose conglomeration of alternative pop and punk bands that came to be identified as the L.A. pop scene
HubbleSite.org Home of the Hubble Space Telescope, a NASA Origins mission that seeks answers to fundamental questions about the universe and our place in it
Japanese Dictionary Free English-to-Japanese / Japanese-to-English online dictionary
Maggie the Jackcat A resource for people who play the online role-playing game, Asheron's Call
Royal Ontario Museum The Royal Ontario Museum collects and exhibits the cultural and natural history of Canada and the world
Shonen Knife
(Japanese site)
An all-girl band from Osaka, Japan, who's style is heavily reminiscent of the Ramones and The Beach Boys; in their own words, they are "super-eccentric-pop-punk-cult-band-shonen-knife!"
StarTrek.com Official website of all things Star Trek
Urban Legends Reference Page A reference for dispelling (or confirming) some of those "a friend of a friend once told me" stories

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